Join the first chain of healthy food specializing in salads. Our vision to offer delicious, filling and above all healthy meals for every moment of the day:

• for a dynamic start in the morning                     

• for an easy and for work break healthy solution at home

• for an easy and always healthy solution at home

• for a real moment of enjoyment in the daily walk

Why franchise Salad Up;

Our experience

The company Salad Up has two stores that are already 5 years of success responding to the special requirements of two different areas in Attica, Glyfada and Kolonaki, with specially adapted concepts, the restaurant and the take out / sit and go.

Ongoing support

Upon completion of the basic training of all members of your team, we will be by your side to watch together the operation of the store and the implementation of the Salad Up model for your guaranteed success.

Profit security

Our responsibility and concept is to provide all the necessary skills you will need to develop into a successful Salad Up Franchise store owner.

Join the Salad Up family and contribute to the spread of the culture of healthy and delicious food throughout Greece. If you want to come with us and become a successful owner in the Salad Up chain, take the first step by filling out the contact form.