After the first success in Glyfada, Salad Up comes to fill in with the anxious people of the center who care about calories and a healthier and "greener" diet. Lost in dozens of delicious, hearty salads, I realize that a salad can be a colorful gourmet, endless scent, crab-like, chicken-ginger, pineapple with caramelized onions, crispy pork, and spicy asian calf. The menu informs you about calories and protein, it makes you improvise your own inspirations, put on chicken, chicken and chicory, whole pasta, falafel and tortillas with exotic filling, magnificent Leo's bagels stuffed with veal calf and truffle mayonnaise or in the classic version of an American BLT. Good day starts here with porridge with black chocolate, almonds, coconut, banana and honey, omelettes, scrambled eggs and pancakes. From the health temple you can not miss fruit yogurt and energy, antioxidant smoothies that will transform you into Popey. All this comes home with a phone call but I would suggest that you combine them with a small beer production in the cosmic box with the bodies that come here for a homemade lemonade with lime and mint coming out of the gym.

Source :olivemagazine.gr